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Cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity today has become the boardroom conversation and a top leadership concern.

Cybersecurity is often seen as a complex, quickly evolving landscape, organizations need to keep up with the pace of newer cyber-attack models and know if their cybersecurity capabilities can answer and recover from these threats.

PROTECH is ready to help you build a cybersecurity program that revolves around people, processes and technology, through a risk-driven cybersecurity program that utilizes the latest and greatest of cybersecurity technologies and trends, to provide a cost-effective cybersecurity program that is tailored to your organization and ensure reduced risk and increased ROI.

Through our consultants and experts, PROTECH are ready to help you with:


Infrastructure Security Assessment

analyses your organization’s cybersecurity controls and their ability to remediate vulnerabilities. These assessments should be conducted within the context of your organization’s business objectives, rather than in the form of a checklist as you would for a cybersecurity audit. This allows you to gain a high-level analysis of your IT environment’s weaknesses so security teams can begin implementing security controls to mitigate them.

  • Security Posture Analysis: Analysing your organization’s current security posture on different layers and security controls and identifying possible gaps in your security by present the security grade in each area. The ultimate goal of such an assessment is to build maturity in the organization’s cybersecurity strategy to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.  
  • Security Network Design Review: a detailed analysis of relevant network artifacts (e.g. network diagrams, technology inventory, exposed applications and APIs, public/private cloud utilization) to ensure that the network elements and overall solution architecture optimally protect critical assets, sensitive data stores and business-critical interconnections.
  • Active Directory Security: a methodical assessment that assess the security of your Active Directory. It assists your organization in identifying, quantifying, and reducing the risks affecting your AD.
  • Mail Security: assess your organization’s settings and check the effectiveness of your email filtering rules by checking your email security controls and mail server with different types of email messages tests.
  • Cloud security: Test and analyse an organization’s cloud infrastructure to ensure the organization is protected from a variety of security risks and threats.

Penetration Test

Systematic approach and authorized methodologies for simulating real attacks to identify the potential security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers in your IT systems, networks, devices and applications.

Security Compliance

  • ISO 27001: Assist our customers in ISO 27001 requirements to be ready for ISO 27001 certification.
  • CIS Benchmarking: Assist you safeguard systems, software, and networks against today’s evolving cyber threats by aligning with CIS best practices.

Product Security Hardening

Reduce your organization risk from external and internal threats by assessing the effectiveness of the deployed security system against security threats.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Planning: Close the identified vulnerabilities by following simple and straightforward plan.
  • Vulnerability Remediation: Closing the identified findings using best practices.
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