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HPE Infositex Predictive analytic

Jan 12, 2022 | Security Blog

Evolving infrastructure does not mean only going from traditional setup to something like HCI or Composable Infrastructure, evolving infrastructure includes many aspects and one of these aspects is the proactive monitoring and reporting for your infrastructure.

Imagine going through an RFQ/RFP to deploy HCI, go through all the evaluation and assessments, not to mention the migration process too during the deployment. All of that and still do day to day extensive monitoring and troubleshooting operations that would consume most of your time.

Now just take a moment to imagine a resident engineer that does all of the resources monitoring, performance analysis, troubleshooting, root cause analysis and more, not only for two serves and a SAN storage, but to all other data infrastructure like servers, HCI, backup appliances, even VM level and with application insights!

But instead of that resident dedicated engineer, imagine an AI/ML powered portal that does all of that, and moves you from the being reactive to issues into proactive to prevent these issues! This is what HPE InfoSight is about in short words. And it has been collecting and analyzing such data since 2010.

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics is undeniably one of the hottest topics in 2020 in enterprise IT. All vendors are putting astronomical effort to develop most efficient and powerful predictive analytics mechanism.

This video goes through InfoSight and the main reasons on why it is the AI for other vendors to beat.

Written by PROTECH Sr. Pre-Sales Engineer: Mohammad Beitawi