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PROTECH is Reseller with Cofense in Jordan

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Cofense provides comprehensive phishing prevention and awareness training services to protect your data, reputation, and business from phishing attacks.

Cofense helps global organizations – including 250 of the Fortune 1000 – quickly detect and respond to phishing attacks that evade perimeter controls.
Built on the world’s largest data lake of phishing threats found by real people, Cofense combines the power of human detection with an automated response, enabling your teams to stop phishing attacks in minutes. It’s advanced phishing prevention technology augmented with collective human intelligence – the first solution purpose-built to quickly detect and stop phish that reaches the inbox.

Cofense Products


Cofense PhishMe

PhishMe is an awareness and training solution that helps organizations educate their employees about phishing threats. It provides simulated phishing campaigns and interactive training modules to teach employees how to recognize and respond to phishing emails effectively.

Cofense Triage

Triage is an incident response platform that enables security teams to quickly and efficiently analyze and respond to phishing threats. It helps automate the identification and prioritization of phishing emails, enabling rapid response and mitigation.

Cofense Vision

Vision is a phishing email analysis and detection solution that uses machine learning algorithms to identify and classify phishing threats in real-time. It helps organizations detect and block phishing emails before they reach end-users’ inboxes.

Cofense Intelligence

Intelligence is a threat intelligence platform that provides real-time information and insights into emerging phishing campaigns and threat actors. It helps organizations stay informed about the latest phishing trends and proactively defend against new and evolving threats.

Cofense Reporter

Reporter is a user-friendly email reporting tool that empowers employees to report suspicious emails with a single click. It encourages a collaborative approach to security by enabling users to play an active role in identifying and reporting potential phishing attacks.

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