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Seclytics Augur is the first and only Predictive Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP).
That means that while other TIPs identify and alert, Augur resets the bar by predicting attacks and adjusting your security posture to block threats before they get to your network.

Why chooses Seclytics?


Predicts Attacks Before They Happen

Augur identifies threat actors using behavioral profiling and machine learning and predicts attacks, on average, 51 days before they start hitting your network.

Blocks Attacks Automatically

Most TIPs produce alerts your team must evaluate and act on. Augur integrates directly with most major network platforms and adjusts your security posture automatically to block any attacks from the threat actors we’ve identified.

Streamlines Operations, Saving Time & Money

According to the Ponemon Institute, SOC, CERT and Hunt Teams only have time to investigate 25% of threats identified each week. Augur radically reduces that workload by automatically evaluating threats and adjusting network security.

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