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SUSE, a firm believer in the ongoing digital transformation of businesses, emphasizes the role of open innovation in enhancing and accelerating this journey. In today’s highly interconnected world, innovation is pervasive, spanning the data center, the cloud, the edge, and beyond. SUSE asserts that the most successful businesses will be those adept at leveraging open and interoperable solutions, enabling them to harness innovation, irrespective of its origin.

With its commitment to helping businesses “Choose Open,” SUSE stands out as exceptionally equipped for this task. It offers the industry’s most adaptable Enterprise Linux and a leading Container Management solution, ensuring comprehensive management of all Kubernetes distributions. SUSE’s commitment to openness means that businesses can select the most fitting combination of technology and solutions, thereby securing their path to success.

At SUSE, the overarching mission is to empower customers to innovate everywhere. The company envisions a world where freedom to innovate is paramount. This vision is fueled by the collective power of many—every initiative at SUSE is driven by the skills, creativity, and vision of its employees, partners, customers, and the broader community. In essence, SUSE’s goal is to provide the freedom and support necessary for innovation to flourish across all aspects of business.

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