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NextGen SIEM

accelerates digital transformation by providing exceptional network visibility, threat detection and operational insight for OT and IoT environments.

Your job is to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks. To do so, your team must review mountains of data that is growing exponentially by the minute. Not to mention, you may be strapped for resources. It’s a struggle to gain visibility into your entire environment because your data is spread across so many disparate systems and cloud applications. You know threats are slipping through the cracks. And you need to be sure a breach doesn’t happen under your watch, or your job could be on the line. No pressure, right? Luckily, there is a solution.

NextGen SIEM solution operates as your team’s central nervous system to alert on threats and enact countermeasures — all in real time.

With NextGen SIEM your team will detect and respond to threats measurably faster. Your security operation will become more effective and efficient through automated workflows and accelerated threat detection and response capabilities.

NextGen SIEM

NextGen SIEM Key Benefits

Mitigate Threats in Minutes
Align your team, technology, and processes to uncover threats more efficiently, and minimize risk all within a single, unified platform.
Detect threats earlier and faster.
When it comes to stopping threats, seconds matter. That’s why we built our NextGen SIEM platform for speed. You’ll quickly identify threats, automate and collaborate on investigations, and remediate threats with agility.
Gain visibility across your environment.
Eliminate blind spots across your entire enterprise — from your endpoints to the network to the cloud. Easily search across your log and other machine data to find the answers you need and know what’s happening across your environment.
Build for today, scale for tomorrow.
The complexity and scale of your environment is growing rapidly. Don’t settle for an entry-level solution that you’ll soon outgrow. Get high performance and reduced operating costs — for today and tomorrow.

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