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A compact 42U rack contains a fully preassembled plug-and-play IT infrastructure solution; including power distribution unit, UPS, cooling system, fire suppression system, air gap sealing and..

What's next for data centers? Think micro data centers

A micro data center, a mini version of a data center rack, could work as edge computing takes hold in various industries. Here’s a look at the moving parts behind the micro data center concept.
We at PROTECH provide a micro data center (MDC) that is a small-scale modular data center that includes all the compute, storage, networking, power, cooling, and other infrastructure required for a given workload.
Mini Datacenter

While there is no single standard for micro data center design, an MDC must be able to house the full technology stack an application requires. As a result, these components are common in MDCs:


Server racks/enclosures


High-performance servers


Networking equipment


Power Distribution Units (PDUs)


Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSes)


In-rack/in-container cooling


Environmental monitoring


Physical security measures


Fire suppression technology

Generally, MDCs are modular by design. This means components can easily be swapped if there is a failure or requirements change along the way.

How micro data centers relate to edge computing?

Often, the terms “micro data center” and “edge computing” are used in similar contexts. While they are related, they’re not the same thing. What’s the difference? Edge computing is a type of distributed architecture while MDCs are a type of data center design.

For practical purposes, think of it this way: MDCs are a means to help implement edge computing in the real world. Edge computing is the “what” while micro data centers, along with a network backbone, are part of the “how”.

Mini-Datacenter key Benefits


Low latency


Increased resilience




Reduced costs

How Micro Data Centers Work?

The nuts and bolts of how any given MDC works will depend on the specific components (switch gear, servers, power, cooling) installed. However, at a high-level most micro data centers are deployed, provisioned, and maintained in a similar fashion.

Often, micro data centers ship preassembled, meaning the equipment is preinstalled in a server rack(s). Upon receipt, IT staff will install any additional components and connect network and power cabling within the MDC. From there, IT can connect the MDC to an existing utility power source or have an electrician provision a new circuit for larger installations.

Once the MDC is up and running, IT staff or an MSP (managed service provider) are responsible for configuration and monitoring of the equipment. For large replicated MDC deployments, configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible) and enterprise network monitoring solutions (e.g. SolarWinds) are common.

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Mini DC and Micro DC

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