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Network Isolation and Micro-segmentation

Secure zones in data centers separate workloads and secure them individually, more granular thus more effective.

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Micro-segmentation is a security practice that aims to make security as granular as possible. It is achieved by dividing the network into isolated segments so that the traffic to each segment can be monitored and controlled.

The reasons for successful security breaches are multifold and can be attributed to the changing threat landscape. The traditional castle-and-moat approach of creating a security perimeter has repeatedly shown to be ineffective against advanced threats that are able to breach the perimeter. With an increasing number of companies migrating applications to the cloud and providing ecosystem partners access to these applications, it is becoming harder for security professionals to even define a perimeter.

Micro-segmentation helps provide consistent security across data centers and hybrid cloud platforms alike by virtue of three key principles: visibility, granular security and dynamic adaptation.

The purpose why at PROTECH provide micro-segmentation solutions is to reduce the attack surface to a minimum while ensuring the prevention of any unauthorized lateral movement. Depending on the approach used, security engineers could create secure zones to isolate environments, data centers, applications, and workloads across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid network environments

Network Isolation and Micro-segmentation

Network Isolation and Micro-segmentation Key Benefits


Application Visibility and Discovery


Application Security and Data Protection


Malware Protection


Posture and Compliance


Reduced attack surface


Improved breach containment


Stronger regulatory compliance


Streamlined policy management

Network Isolation and Micro-segmentation Products


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