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Asset Management and Inventory

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is not just a matter of tracking assets. It’s a matter of managing them throughout their lifecycle to ensure they don’t fall off the radar and begin to deteriorate.

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Asset inventory is the way an organization lists and provides details of the assets it owns. This can cover a range of different types of assets, from tangible fixed assets such as property and equipment, intangible assets such as intellectual property.

Discover, normalize, and reclaim your IT assets to avoid the financial risk of common hardware & software asset management mistakes. Losing track of assets puts your organization at risk from non-compliance, software overspends, hardware downtime, and security threats due to theft or loss. Keep your IT assets fresh and working hard for you with PROTECH below products

Endpoint and Mobile Devices Protection Platforms

Asset Management and Inventory Key Benefits


provide a single view into all IT assets owned by an organization


enhance data protection


provide software license reports


provide the lifecycle status of each IT asset


facilitate IT asset requests

Asset Management and Inventory Products


Ivanti IT Asset Management

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