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Data Loss Prevention and Data Classification

DLP is a market leading, comprehensive and modular solution which enables full visibility into key business processes and activities where confidential data may be handled, secure sensitive Information and intellectual property, as well as manage and enforce regulatory requirements.

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Leveraging accurate and granular controls and feedback, appropriate enforcement action to protect the data can be made, without fear of disrupting legitimate business processes or losing visibility into network and application operations.

The solution can enforce on and off of the corporate network, providing the ability to permit (and audit), block, present a confirm option (endpoint only), force users to encrypt data to external media (endpoint only) as well as provide notifications for all violations.

Data Loss Prevention and Data Classification

Data Loss Prevention and Data Classification Key Benefits

Provides policy-driven, granular controls for individual role, users or groups of users.
Provides role-based and delegated administration rights
Provides comprehensive reporting capabilities

Provides destination awareness with knowledge of: 

  • Who sent the data,
  • Where it was going,
  • When it was sent,
  • How was it sent,
  • What was the data’s type
  • Identify with Keywords and phrases, regular expressions, machine learning, using scripts, or even automated fingerprinting (scheduled).
  • Detect data hidden within images “Optical Character Recognition (OCR)” technology.

Data Loss Prevention and Data ClassificationProducts


Forcepoint Data loss Prevention


Forcepoint DLP Microsoft Information Protection integration, Forcepoint DLP Boldon James Classifier Integration


Broadcom Symantec Data loss Prevention

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