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Information Security and Data Integrity

A set of practices designed to keep personal data secure from unauthorized access and alteration during storing or transmitting from one place to another.

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Information security is designed and implemented to protect the print, electronic and other private, sensitive and personal data from unauthorized persons. It is used to protect data from being misused, disclosure, destruction, modification, and disruption.

Data integrity is the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. Data integrity also refers to the safety of data in regards to regulatory compliance such as GDPR compliance and security. It is maintained by a collection of processes, rules, and standards implemented during the design phase. When the integrity of data is secure, the information stored in a database will remain complete, accurate, and reliable no matter how long it’s stored or how often it’s accessed. PROTECH ensures that your data is safe from any outside forces.

Information Security and Data Integrity

Information Security and Data Integrity Solutions

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