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Digital Rights Management

To protects sensitive information regardless of device or location, Whether a file is on a server, in an email,on a mobile device,or copied to a USB memory stick unintentionally left behind,unauthorized users will not be able to access the information,securely adopt the Cloud, BYOD, and external collaboration.

makes it easy to centrally define, associate, enforce, modify and audit granular file usage permissions including:

 WHEN can they do it? Automatic File Expiry, Date and Time Ranges, Number of Days from First Access WHO can access the file? User or Groups Within or Outside the Organization

WHAT can they do with it? View, Edit, Print, Copy Content, Take Screen Grabs, Work Offline

WHERE can they do it? Specific Computers or Devices, Specific IP Address

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management Key Benefits


WHO can access the file?


WHAT can they do with it?


WHEN can they do it?


WHERE can they do it?

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